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Japanese Phrases

Below we have a list of ongoing common Japanese phrases with all three translations as well as audio for pronunciation. These Japanese phrases can help you get around in Japan if needed, but remember many of the phrases are contextual; pay attention to the side notes of these phrases for advice on when the phrase is accurate. These phrases are great for on-the-go studying. If you are into on-the-go studying you can also check out our Flashcard Page for some flashcard tips.
Japanese Romaji English
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/-blank- wa dokodesuka- (where is ...-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
wa doko desu ka Where is….
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Arigatou gozaimasu (Thank you very much).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
arigatou gozaimasu Thank you very much
ちょっと にがて です
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Chotto nigate desu.mp3" text="" dl="0"]
chotto nigate desu I don't like it (polite)
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Dou itashi mashite (You are welcome).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
dou itashi mashite You are welcome
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Douzo (Here you are).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
douzo Here you are
えいごが わかりますか
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Eigo ga wakari masu ka- (Do you understand English-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
eigo ga wakari masuka Do you understand English?
げんき です
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Genki desu (Good - as a responce to How are you-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
genki desu I am good (as a response to "how are you?")
げんき じゃない です
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Genki janai desu (Bad as in responce to How are you-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
genki janai desu I am not doing well (as a response to "how are you?")
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Ginkou (Bank).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
ginkou Bank
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Hai (OK or yes).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
hai Yes/OK/Ah huh
ひとつ ください
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Hitotsu kudasai (I'll take one).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
hitotsu kudasai I'll take one
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Ii desu (Good in general).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
ii desu Good (in general)
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Kuukou (Airport).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
kuukou Airport
みちに まよって います
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Michi ni mayotte imasu (I am lost).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
michi ni mayotte imasu I am lost (direction)
にほんごが わかりません
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Nihongo ga wakari masen (I don't understand Japanese).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
Nihongo ga wakarimasen I don't understand Japanese
おげんき ですか
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Ogenki desu ka- (How are you-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
ogenki desuka How are you?
おいしい です
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Oishii desu (Good as delicious).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
oishii desu It's delicious
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Okkee (OK very casual).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
okkee OK (casual)
わたしの なまえは ... です
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Watashi no namae wa -blank- desu (My name is -blank-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
watashi no namae wa ... desu My name is...
おなまえは なんですか
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Onamae wa nan desuka- (What's your name-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
onamae wa nan deska What's your name?
おやすみ なさい
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Oyasumi nasai (Have a good night).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
oyasumi nasai Have a good night
トイレは どこですか
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Toire wa doko desu ka- (Where is the restroom-).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
toire wa doko deska Where is the restroom?
わるい です
[wpaudio url="http://learnjapanese.commp3/phrases/Warui desu (Bad in general).mp3" text="" dl="0"]
warui desu It's bad (in general)

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